What is PET bottle granulator?

What is PET bottle granulator?

Plastic bottle granulator is a kind of equipment specially used to dispose of waste PET bottles. Through a series of technological processes, the waste PET bottles are recovered, cleaned, crushed and recycled, and finally converted into granular raw materials, which can be used in the production of recycled plastic products. 

These recycled plastic particles can be used to make a variety of plastic products, such as PET bottles, PET films. plastic boxes, fibers and so on.  The application of plastic bottle granulator helps to reduce the environmental pollution caused by plastic waste and realize the resource utilization and recycling of waste PET bottles, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development.

The composites of PET bottle granulator?

PET bottle granulator

The plastic bottle granulator is usually composed of the following main components: 

Conveying  system: used to transport waste PET bottles to the inside of the machine for processing, usually including conveyor belts,Bale opener,Mechanical Label Separator,Manual Sorting and other equipment. 

Crushing system: responsible for preliminary crushing and crushing of incoming PET flakes, usually cutting and crushing PET flakes with blades or cutters. The crusher can be divided into high-speed crusher and ordinary crusher according to the energy consumption and output capacity, and the belt conveyor must be equipped before and after the crusher to control the feeding amount into the crusher.

Cleaning system: clean and remove impurities from broken PET bottles to ensure the quality and purity of recycled particles.  Including: cleaning sink, screw spiral conveyor, friction cleaning machine, cooking pot and other equipment.The role of the cooking pot is to clean the glue and other low molecular substances remaining on the bottle sheet by adding an appropriate amount of solvent to the hot water pot.

Drying system: including dehydrator, hot air drying system, etc. As the cleaned PET bottle flakes contain the moisture of aniseed,the residual water must be disposed by the dehydrator and drying system, and the water in the PET bottle flake will affect the quality of the granulation

Extrusion system: the cleaned PET bottles are melted and extruded and converted into granular recycled plastic materials, which are usually extruded by a twin-screw extruder.  

Cooling system: used to quickly cool and solidify extruded recycled plastic particles for subsequent packaging and storage. Including Water Tank,Pelletizer,Dehydrator, Vibrating sieve,product silo, etc.

Control system: used to control the operation and operation of the whole plastic bottle granulator, including temperature control, speed control, running status monitoring and other functions.

The application of PET bottle granulator

Pretreatment of discarded PET bottles: plastic bottle granulator is first used for pretreatment of discarded PET bottles. This includes cleaning discarded PET bottles, removing surface dirt and labels, removing residual liquid, and so on. This step ensures the smooth progress of the subsequent processing process. 

PET bottle crushing the pretreated PET bottle enters the crushing and crushing stage. The PET bottle chip recycling granulator uses a blade or cutter head to mechanically tear and crush the PET bottle and cut the PET bottle into small particles or fragments for subsequent processing. 

Melting and granulation: the crushed PET bottle fragments enter the granulator by melting and extrusion, in which the PET bottle fragments are melted at high temperature.The twin-screw granulator has the advantages of an excellent vacuum system, an adjustable modular screw, and an adjustable exhaust cylinder. It can extract moisture from the PET melt and avoid viscosity decrease caused by PET hydrolysis. 

Production of recycled plastic products: the granular raw materials treated by PET bottle chips recovery granulator can be used in the production of recycled plastic products. 

These recycled plastic particles can be used to make PET bottles, plastic packaging boxes, fibers, ropes, films and other plastic products. 

Environmental protection and resource recycling: the application of plastic bottle granulator helps to reduce the environmental pollution of plastic waste and realize the resource utilization and recycling of discarded PET bottles. 

By converting waste PET bottles into recycled plastic particles, the demand for primary plastics can be reduced, energy consumption and environmental pollution can be reduced. 

Generally speaking, the application of plastic bottle granulator covers the pretreatment, crushing and crushing, melting and granulation of waste PET bottles, as well as the production of recycled plastic products, but also promotes the realization of environmental protection and recycling of resources.

How to maintain PET bottle granulator?

Regular cleaning: regularly clean the surface and internal parts of the machine to ensure the normal operation of the machine. During the cleaning process, pay attention to remove the dust, debris and residue accumulated inside the machine. 

Lubrication: regularly lubricate the bearings, transmission parts and sliding surfaces of the machine to reduce friction and wear and ensure the smooth operation of the machine. 

Check the electrical system: regularly check whether the wiring and connections of the electrical system are loose or worn to ensure the stability and safety of the electrical system. 

Check the wear of the barrel and screw: Regularly check the barrel and screw of the twin-screw extruder. Generally, the hardness of the screw is lower than that of the barrel, and the screw wears out quickly. The gap between the barrel and the screw of a twin-screw extruder is very small(0.2-0.4mm). If the gap exceeds 1mm, the original screw must be replaced.

Check the heater element regularly: Before each startup,Before each startup, check whether the heater on the device is faulty.If a fault occurs, it must be replaced in time.

Adjustment and calibration: regularly check the parameters and control system of the machine to ensure that its operating parameters and working status meet the requirements, and make necessary adjustments and calibration. 

Prevent clogging: After each shutdown, the machine head must be opened to clean the mould plate used in the filter of the screen changer and the residual material in the flow channel of the machine head. Be ready for the next running.

Regular maintenance: make regular maintenance plan according to machine use and production, including replacement of vulnerable parts, inspection of hydraulic system and cooling system, etc. 

Pay attention to safety: in the process of maintenance and maintenance, pay attention to the safe operation rules of the machine to avoid accidents and injuries. 

To sum up, regular cleaning, lubrication, inspection of electrical systems,Check cylinder and screw,adjustment and calibration,to prevent blocking, regular maintenance and safety are key steps in maintaining the plastic bottle granulator.

PET bottle granulator

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