Carbon Black Master Batch

Carbon Black Master Batch

Black master batch materials

The materials that make up the black masterbatch are:
A.plastic carrier;
B.Carbon black;
C.Carbon black lubricant
D. Carbon black dispersant;
E. Other processing addictive

The black masterbatch granulator mixes the resin and carbon black through the equipment when the resin is melted. Under the function of addictive, the carbon black is uniformly dispersed in the resin to form a black masterbatch with high concentration.

Carbon black

According to the international classification, there are more than 30 varieties in China.

Mainly divided into two categories: rubber and non-rubber.
In rubber carbon black, it is mainly wear-resistant carbon black, which can effectively improve the wear resistance of rubber tire; in non-rubber carbon black, there are only a few kinds of carbon black that can really be used.

Trough carbon black is the most widely used in plastics, mainly because of its rich sources, high purity and small particle size.

Among them, it is divided into high pigment carbon black (particle size 9-17mm), medium pigment carbon black (particle size 18-25mm) and low pigment carbon black (particle size 26-37mm).

Due to the different varieties of carbon black, the price varies greatly. Because of its multi-activity, carbon black particles rarely exist as primary particles, and almost all exist as agglomerated particles with a certain range of particle size.

Carrier resin

The carrier resin is the substance that carries carbon black. In general, the carrier uses whatever raw material is used for plastic products.Or it can be used as a carrier for general-purpose plastics, but has good compatibility with the final plastic.

The black masterbatch produced in this way has good compatibility with plastic raw materials, such as: PS (polystyrene) plastic products, the use of black masterbatch carrier is PS.

For polyethylene plastic products, the carrier is polyethylene. However, LDPE (high pressure polyethylene) is generally chosen because LDPE has the strongest carbon black carrying capacity and good processability.

Other polyethylene HDPE and LLDPE can only produce low concentration black masterbatch.

For PP (polypropylene) plastic products, only black masterbatches with PP and LDPE as carriers can be used, but black masterbatches with HDPE, LLDPE and other plastics as carriers cannot be used. Of course, there are also black masterbatches that use recycled materials as carriers.

Brief introduction of Granuwel carbon black masterbatch extruder

1.Twin screw black masterbatch extruder
After mixing the material with a mixer, the material is mixed and dispersed in the twin-screw extruder, and the material is mixed and dispersed in the twin-screw barrel, and granulated through the extruder water ring head or other type pelletizer.As to the twin screw is a fully enclosed meshing conjugated screw, carbon black is difficult to feed into the twin screw host easily, thus the output is relatively low, and the general carbon black concentration of the masterbatch is 25-32%.

2.Triple screw black master granulator
After mixing the material with a mixer, the material goes into the three-screw. Because the triple screw extruder has sufficient melting and dispersion mixing and the mixing range is large and the mixing effect is better. Due to the existence of two meshing areas, the mixing range of the triple screw increases exponentially, thus making the dispersion more uniform. The yield is also higher, so the general carbon black concentration of the masterbatch can reach 40-45%.

3.Banbury mixing method
The material is mixed by a mixer, kneaded by an banbury mixer, and then fed into a twin-screw extruder by a feeder. After water ring or underwater granulation, the masterbatch generally has a carbon black concentration of 40-45%.
However, because the banbury mixer is intermittent processing equipment, it must be unloaded after each mixing, so it has the disadvantages of high labor intensity, high energy consumption and large dust.

4. Production of plastic raw materials
Carbon black masterbatch granulator can also be used in the production of plastic raw materials such as stone paper, PVC, low smoke halogen free cable material, internal and external shielding cable material, chlorinated polyethylene, functional masterbatch, color masterbatch, heat shrinkable material, PP+ carbon black low smoke halogen free series, etc.

Technical characteristics of Granuwel carbon black masterbatch granulator

The main contents are as follows:

1. Specify a unique production process route for different grades of black masterbatch, combine equipment and process, tailor-made equipment for customers, and provide the most cost-effective combination of equipment.

2. It has the control functions of whole unit process chain, acousto-optic fault alarm and fast fault locking, etc. All units in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, pay attention to details, perfect and reliable, energy-saving and durable.

3. The accuracy of the temperature control system to ensure the sensitivity of the material to temperature.

4.Special screw structure, reasonable mixing section distribution, high wear resistance material, effectively ensure the mixing effect of carbon black

5. Barrel, screw, die
The barrel and screw are of building block structure, the barrel is made of bimetal material, and the screw material can provide a variety of high wear-resistant materials for customers to choose from according to customer requirements.The die adopts manual screen changing device, the honeycomb filter plate is easy to clean and quickly change the net, and the die is not easy to leak.

6.Automatic feeding, mixing system
According to customers’ requirements,from raw materials feeding,conveying,mixing,the whole process can achieve automatic control,which can save labor and reduce dust pollution.

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