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The twin-stage extruder combines the characteristics of twin-screw high speed and strong mixing with that of single-screw low speed, low temperature and weak shear, to avoid the shortcomings.

GTS Series Two Stage Extruder



Stage 1 is GTE high-speed co-rotating twin-screw extruder. Stage 2 is GDS low speed single screw extruder. Two machines are placed vertically.

Principle and applications:

◆ The synthetic twin-screw and single screw advantages combined with complementary. Twin screw extruder forced transfer, mixing and dispersing efficient plasticizing, no head die backpressure backflow.
◆ To avoid the high shear overheating; Single screw high pressure extrusion, but low shear at low speed, also avoid the overheating of contradictions.
◆ Twin screw and single screw combination, function decomposition, the process increases the independent variable, operation for each process step by step optimization; Higher efficiency and capacity.
◆ They are widely used in all kinds of heat sensitive material system and big volume to take off the swing homework, such as PVC,XLPE, halogen-free flame retardant cable, shielding material, highly enriched carbon black and rubber dehydration post-processing operation etc.

GTS Series Two Stage Extruder Specifications

ModelScrew diameter (mm)Screw speed (rpm/min)Motor power(Kw)Output (Kg/h)

Wide application experience

Biodegradable plastic is a plastic that is degradable by natural microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and algae. An ideal biodegradable plastic is a polymeric material that performs well, can be fully decomposed by microorganisms after disposal, and ultimately becomes a component of the carbon cycle in nature through inorganization.

Color masterbatch is an integral part of the plastics industry. Not only can it give color to plastic products, increase the value of goods, enhance certain performance of plastics, but also can give particular optical properties to materials.

Started in the 1940s, the new functional polymers, which primarily include all kinds of engineering plastics (such as PA, PC, ABS, PET, PPS, etc.), are already used in electronics, electrical appliances, automotive, transportation, aviation, defense and military industries, etc.

Filler masterbatch is available for processing plastic films, garbage bags, shopping bags, undershirt bags, packaging bags, etc. It has excellent dispersion, blown film without white and black spots, and high fineness to ensure the luster and toughness of the product.

Non-crystallization dry PET sheet extrusion offers several advantages. It is used to produce PET/PLA sheet without the energy consumption of pre-drying crystallization and adapting to the production of materials with high output, low energy consumption and high plastic quality.

The PET waste plastic bottle cleaning line means that the waste plastic bottles are de-labeled by the de-labeling machine, pulverized by the crusher, and then processed by cleaning and drying equipment, so that the recycling and integration of waste plastic bottles becomes a new type.

Thermoplastic Elastomer has extensive adjustable hardness and physical properties. Also, it doesn’t need to be vulcanized, is recyclable, and can reduce costs, so the application areas are relatively wide including seals, automobile interiors, adhesive coated materials, various pipe fittings, etc.

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