Twin screw extruder machine for TPV material

Twin screw extruder machine for TPV material

What is TPV?

Do you know what is TPV? This kind of material can be made by a twin screw extruder machine and let’s get details about it. Thermoplastic vulcanizate, short for TPV,  has good characteristics of elasticity, compression deformation resistance, ageing resistance, wide temperature range (-60-150°C), and adjustable hardness (25A-54D). Besides that, it is also easily dyed and processed, eco-friendly, and recyclable. TPV, which is made by a twin screw extruder machine, is widely used in automobiles, construction, rail transit, home appliances, electronic appliances, shoe materials, medical equipment, cables, photovoltaics and other fields. 

TPV material made by twin screw extruder machine-1
TPV material made by twin screw extruder machine

Application of TPV material in the automobile industry

In the automobile field, TPV is mainly used in a variety of automotive sealing strips or seal series materials, high-pressure ignition lines, dust covers, intake pipes, ventilation pipes, buffers, steering wheel covers, fenders, cable sheaths, etc. Generally speaking, most of the sheath or insulation of automobile ignition lines adopts TPV. 

The advantages of TPV in cable application include small proportion, good rebound, ageing resistance, good temperature resistance, solvent resistance, environmental protection, recyclability and easy processing.

At present, in automobile seals, more and more TPV (PP/EPDM) replace the traditional material-vulcanized EPDM, because the use of TPV can improve production efficiency, reduce equipment investment and labour costs, reduce curb weight, as well as be environment-friendly.

TPV material made by twin screw extruder machine
TPV material made by twin screw extruder machine

 Twin screw extruder machine
Twin screw extruder machine

Preparation methods

There are usually three preparation methods of TPV, namely, melt blending, solution blending and latex blending. Among them, the melt blending method is common, and with that method, there are mainly two kinds of equipment used to process, that is, a mixer or twin screw extruder machine. Depending on the process, it can be made by one device or both.

In industry, the twin screw extruder machine can realize continuous production with stable quality. Therefore, the twin screw extruder has become a general dynamic vulcanization equipment.

The specific steps of dynamic vulcanization are as follows:

PP and EPDM are melted and blended and granulated in an internal mixer (or twin-screw).

Then added to another twin-screw, oil and curing agents (BMI and DCP) are added while mixing and curing. It should be noted that the speed and temperature setting of the screw and the screw structure of the twin-screw machine during vulcanization is very important. The improper setting will affect the vulcanization rate.

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Turkish clients visit the factory

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