All You Need Know about Mini Twin Screw Extruder

All You Need Know about Mini Twin Screw Extruder

Introduction of Auxiliary Mechanism of Mini Twin Screw Extruder

The auxiliary machine of mini twin-screw extruder mainly includes release device, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, traction device, meter, spark testing machine and take-up device. The use of the extrusion unit is different and its optional auxiliary equipment is also different, such as cutters, blow dryers, printing devices and so on.

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Straightening device of Mini Twin Screw Extruder

One of the most common types of plastic extrusion waste is eccentricity, and the bending of various types of wire core is one of the important reasons for insulation eccentricity. In the sheath extrusion, the scratches on the surface of the sheath are often caused by the bending of the cable core. 

Therefore, the straightening device in all kinds of extrusion unit is essential. 

The main types of straightening devices are: drum type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type); pulley type (divided into single pulley and pulley group); winch type, which also plays many functions such as dragging, straightening, stabilizing tension, etc.; roller type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type) and so on.

Cooling system of Mini Twin Screw Extruder

After leaving the machine head, the molded plastic extruded cladding should be cooled and shaped immediately, otherwise it will be deformed under the action of gravity. 

The way of cooling is usually water cooling, which can be divided into rapid cooling and slow cooling according to the water temperature. 

Rapid cooling is the direct cooling of cold water, which is beneficial to the shaping of plastic extruded cladding, but for crystalline polymers, due to sudden heat cooling, it is easy to retain internal stress in the extruded cladding, resulting in cracking in the process of use. PVC plastic layer is generally quenched. 

Slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of the products, water of different temperatures is placed in the cooling tank to gradually cool and shape the products, and the extrusion of PE and PP is carried out by slow cooling, that is, it is cooled by hot water, warm water and cold water.

Preheating device of Mini Twin Screw Extruder

Cable core preheating is necessary for insulation extrusion and sheath extrusion. 

For the insulating layer, especially the thin layer insulation, the existence of pores can not be allowed, and the water and oil on the surface can be completely removed by high temperature preheating before extruding the package. 

For the sheath extrusion, its main function is to dry the cable core and prevent the possibility of pores in the sheath due to the action of moisture (or moisture around the cushion). 

Preheating can also prevent the plastic from remaining internal pressure due to sudden cooling in the extrusion. 

In the process of plastic extrusion, preheating can eliminate the cold line entering the high temperature die and the wide temperature difference formed when contacting with the plastic at the die mouth, so as to avoid the fluctuation of extrusion pressure caused by the fluctuation of plastic temperature, so as to stabilize the extrusion quantity and ensure the extrusion quality. 

The electric hot wire core preheating device is used in the extrusion unit, which requires sufficient capacity and rapid heating, so that the wire core preheating and cable core drying efficiency are high. 

The preheating temperature is restricted by the discharge speed, which is generally similar to the head temperature.

What should pay attention to when operating mini twin screw extruder?

Mini twin screw extruder is a kind of machine which is often used in chemical industry. What should pay attention to when operating mini twin screw extruder? There are some points you need to know.

1. Before each start-up of the mini twin screw extruder, check whether there are foreign bodies in the barrel, up and down the hopper and inside, check whether the fastening bolts of each part are loose, whether the cover is firm, and whether the switch position of each button is correct, and then add enough lubricating oil in each lubrication part. do a good job in the cleaning and hygiene of the equipment. 

2. Before starting, check whether the temperature control is sensitive, whether the instrument is out of order, whether the cooling waterway is unblocked, etc. 

Usually use thermometer, cooling water and other methods for testing. 

3. According to the operation rules of the mini twin screw extruder, the screw, barrel and die of mini twin screw extruder are heated, and after the temperature rises to the set temperature, it must be kept for about 10 minutes before starting up, so that the temperature of each part of the machine tends to be stable. 

4. Notify the staff around the equipment when you are ready to turn it on. 

Be sure to tighten the connecting screws and bolts of each part of the die while it is hot before starting the machine. 

Before the material is extruded, the operator must not stand in front of the die to prevent injury caused by bolt or screw fracture. 

5. Start the motor for driving screw rotation at low speed and check whether the pointer swing of the working ammeter of the main motor is normal. if there is abnormal noise in the operation of the equipment or unstable operation of the screw, you should stop immediately and find the relevant personnel to solve the problem.

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