The application of twin screw extruder (TSE) in daily life

The application of twin screw extruder (TSE) in daily life

The importance of plastics in life

Plastics play a role in all aspects of modern life, from health and well-being, transport, communication, and sports to leisure activities and so on. The plastic compounds used to make these components have almost always been processed in an electric twin-screw extruder (TSE). Co-rotating plastic twin-screw extruder is the most common composite system of polymer and filler, fibre and additive worldwide. 

Strong mixing between screws and short mass transfer distance make TSE an efficient, repeatable and universal continuous composite equipment. These devices are used to mix materials to give the desired properties to products, such as packaging films, carpet fibers, automotive interior design, structural decks, conductive components, synthetic wine corks, Medical equipment, the aviation industry and most other industries.

There are many kinds of plastics, including PE, PP, PS, ABS, PC, PVC, etc. In daily life, except a few biodegradable plastics can be completely degraded through certain climatic conditions and time without harm to the environment. Most waste plastics are not degradable. Once accumulated, it is easy to cause environmental pollution to the natural environment, trigger fire and consume electric energy. Therefore how to recycle plastic products is also our responsibility and obligation.

How to use a TSE to recycle plastics?

What is the difference between post-industrial recycling (PIR) and post-consumption recycling (PCR)? Why there are few co-rotating twin-screw extruders for recycling at present? What are the opportunities for the expansion of TSE technology? Twin-screw composite technology provides some unique opportunities for PIR and PCR. 

However, in addition to recognizing the recycling benefits of TSE technology, it is also important to be vigilant about some of its inherent limitations to determine how to properly use this industry-proven and proven technology. Plastic twin-screw extruder granulators can process waste plastic in daily life, through production and processing to form plastic raw materials needed by enterprises, the price of recycling waste plastic is far less than the rising plastic prices in recent years, with the full support of China, the constant new plastic twin-screw extruder granulator is also in upgrading in recent years, so as to achieve a more satisfactory state of grain uniformity. 

Recycling is a very important whole process. The paint layer includes pu paint, rubber paint, UV paint, etc., there are many ways to remove the old paint layer, the common is paint remover, caustic soda solution, paint remover, organic solution, fire, manual shovel, sandblasting and so on. Plastic recycling is a very complex and important process. First of all, it is necessary to sort waste plastics.

Therefore, in order to better recycle and utilize plastics, it is necessary to sort waste plastics according to different types. It determines the value of recycled plastics. The sorted plastics after crushing, cleaning, drying and other technological processes form a single variety as far as possible before being recycled. In the next stage, the TSE can play an important role—In the process of remelting, additives can be added to reshape the properties of plastics. Thus it can create higher value and also makes its due contribution to environmental protection.

What benefits does the TSE bring to the industry?


As we all know, the packaging material of mineral water we drink every day is PET material. Countless PET water bottles are produced every day. It is the top priority of our recycling plastic industry, but PET material is easy to absorb water moisture, and water moisture will have a great impact on the viscosity of PET (IV), in the molten PET, the greater the water moisture, the greater the decline in viscosity, the smaller the availability of PET.

Therefore, reducing its viscosity is very important for PET recycling. Advantages of TSE: Variable and adjustable screw combination structure, excellent exhaust and vacuum capacity, can maximize the extraction of moisture in PET melt, thus helping customers to maximize the value of PET recycling.

Our manufactured GTE-75D 95D twin-screw extruders have been running stably in customer factories in Japan, Malaysia and South Korea for more than 4-5 years, creating more value for customers. The extruder brings great benefits to the industry. We know that PET/PE alloy has very good properties, its brittleness is lower than pure PET, and it does not need to be dried before processing. 


In addition, because the PET/PE material has high strength, good fluidity and faster cooling rate than HDPE, the molding extrusion time of this material is short and the output is high. There is a case, that is, Spalex S.A., which has been acquired by SP Berner Plason SL of Spain. The company used 5 and 7 layers of PE protective film fragments and PET coil to make alloy materials. 

They squeezed the mixture into monofilaments to make brush by TSE. It is said that the performance of this monofilament is comparable to that of nylon, but the price is much lower than that of nylon. Because the fragments of the co-extruded film contain a large amount of EVA adhesive layer, it can be used as a compatibilizer for PET and LDPE. 

Innova Packagiy System N.V. (I.P.S.) of Belgium first mixed the recycled PET coil with HDPE (75×25) and various auxiliaries in the extruder to produce the alloy material, and then molded the alloy material into a gray-black transport tray. 
The PET/PE alloy molding production line used by the company includes Ereman Vacurema device, crystal dryer, extruder and injection molding machine. 

In this production line, PET flows out of the solidifier at a temperature of 392F and then enters the extruder at a temperature of 450F (the processing temperature of PET). At the same time, PE and compatibilizer are added to the extruder, and finally the molten material is fed into the injection machine to form a plastic tray. It is said that the price of this plastic tray is about the same as that of products made of wood. The company’s PET/PE pallets sell for 6-8 euros each, while wooden pallets cost 5 euros.

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