The Screw Structure of Twin Screw Extruder Can Be Divided IntoIntegral Type and Combined Type

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The Screw Structure of Twin Screw Extruder Can Be Divided IntoIntegral Type and Combined Type

You Can Divide the Screw Structure of the Twin Screw Extruder into Integral Type and Combined Type

A screw extruder machine of Nanjing Granuwel Machinery CO., LTD has two identical intermeshing screws and co-rotating screws. Based on its purpose and screw arrangement, the screw is divided into three sections: the feed section, the mixing area, and the extruding part.

Raw materials are continually fed into the barrel from the inlet in the feed section. The contents are completely mixed as the twin screws intermesh as they revolve.  liquid is injected through ports in the barrel, shortening, commonly water, or another substance depending on the technique needed. In this step, under the meshing screw shearing, mixing, and heating of the external heater of the cylinder, the raw material will be sufficiently melted and mixed into a doughy shape

High-quality parts are used in the production of a wide variety of screw extruders. There are inexpensive machines with advanced features available. The twin screw extruder design extruder can also be modified to meet the specific requirements of clients across numerous sectors.  

Twin-Screw Plastic Extruder Screw Types and Structure

Twin screws with and without intermesh:

Twin screws come in two varieties: non-intermeshing and intermeshing. When two screws are intermeshing, the screw axis spacing is less than the sum of the screw outer radiuses.

Two types of twin screws: conical and parallel:

The twin screws of Nanjing Granuwel Machinery CO., LTD can be classified as conical or parallel depending on whether the screw axis is parallel. Within the parallel twin screw category, there are other types such as fully intermeshing, partly intermeshing, non-engaged, and so on. The feed end and the die end of parallel screws have the same diameter. In the conical twin screw extruder design, the screw diameter is bigger at the feed end and small at the end.

Twin screws that rotate both counter- and co-rotating:

Twin screws fall into one of two categories, co-rotating twin screws and counter-rotating twin screws. The name is given based on how they rotate. There are two types of counter-rotating twin screws at the Nanjing Granuwel Machinery CO., LTD: intermeshing twin screws and non-intermeshing twin screws. The intermeshing type is further classified into fully and partially intermeshed types based on the degree of intermeshing. In the fully intermeshing type, there is no space between the screw flight and the other screw’s roots, however, in the partially intermeshing type, there is space for the other screw’s roots.

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