A Complete Guide To Single Screw Extruder: Parts, Applications, Advantages

A Complete Guide To Single Screw Extruder: Parts, Applications, Advantages

Single Screw

What’s Single Screw Extruder?

A single screw extruder is an extruder with only one screw in the barrel.

Because of its simple structure, easy fabrication, high processing efficiency and low price, single screw extruder is extensively used in food processing, plastic processing, blown film, pipe extrusion, pressboard and wire drawing tape.

It is the most technically mature and most used type of extruder. Meanwhile, single screw extruders have become the leading equipment in compound processing and plastic blown film because of their small space occupation.

What Are The Main Parts Of Single Screw Extruder?

Extrusion System

The extrusion system’s main function is to melt and plasticize polymer materials to form a uniform melt and achieve the change from glassy state to viscous fluid state.

The extrusion system includes primarily the feeding system, the screw and the barrel. This is the core part of the extruder, and the screw is the critical core part of the extruder.

Drive System

The drive system usually consists of motor, reducer and bearing. Its function is to drive the screw and provide the torque and moment required by the screw in extrusion process.

The gearbox is the core component of the extruder, which is the heart of the extruder and the quality is related to the life of the entire extruder. For a high-quality gearbox, the gears and shafts must firstly be processed by a high-precision machining centre (CNC), and then be ground by a gear grinder after heat treatment, the precision of gears is 6 grade(GB10095) and the hardness is HRC58~ 62. With premium brand bearings, all these measures ensure its high bearing capacity, smooth transmission, low noise, high efficiency and other advantages.

During extrusion, a stable screw speed is required to ensure consistent product quality. However, in different cases, the screw speed requires adjustment to allow the same machine to accommodate the extrusion of different materials or different shaped products.

Heating & Cooling System

The heating and cooling system of the extruder is composed of a heating unit and a cooling unit, which are necessary for the successful execution of the extrusion process. The heating unit and cooling unit must keep the temperature conditions in line with the process requirements.

Applications Of Single Screw Extruder

Single screw extruders are used in a wide range of applications such as food, plastics and feed for their simple structure and low cost.

In the plastic processing industry, extrusion, as a key technique in the polymer processing industry, facilitates each other in polymer resin application engineering and extrusion production equipment development.

Extruders have a variety of structures and functions, such as mixed-screw extruders, ventilated extruders, twin-screw, multi-screw extruders and combination extruders, which suit polymer materials.

In the food processing industry, it is not only used for food processing, but also increasingly used for processing confectionery products, even spices, involving nutritious food for children, middle-aged and elderly food, and snack food.

Extrusion technology produces food products with crispy and tasty, and good for digestion.

Advantages Of Single Screw Extruder

There are many advantages of single screw extruder, including high quality, good plasticizing effect, low energy consumption, low noise, stable operation and long life.

The single-screw extruder adopts a two-stage integral design to enhance the plasticizing function and to ensure high speed, high performance and stable extrusion. In addition, the single-screw extruder is designed to be cost-effective, so it is used widely.

Single Screw Extruder Manufacturer

Granuwel Machinery is a professional single screw extruder manufacturer. Granuwel single screw extruders have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Bo Philippines, Canada, Turkey, Brazil, USA, etc.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about single screw extruder.

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