Lab Extruder: What To Consider Before Purchasing?

Lab Extruder: What To Consider Before Purchasing?

Lab extruders are twin screw extruders used for small batch production and serve many essential functions. This blog will discuss some of the basic features of laboratory extruders and several factors to consider when purchasing a lab twin screw extruder.

Lab Extruder

What Can You Do With A Lab Extruder?

Lab extruders are suitable for producing various polyolefins such as PVC, PP, PE, PS, ABS and other materials. Equipped with variable types of heads, dies and auxiliary machines, the lab twin extruder can be used for plastic profile, pipe, sheet and pelletizing production, as well as for co-extrusion of pipe marking lines.

The laboratory extruder is specially designed with gearbox and screw barrel structure to adapt to the extrusion of different materials. In addition, it also has the features of high processing precision, good plasticizing effect, and can meet the different needs of users.

Generally speaking, the lab scale extruder is equipped with electrical control device, which is reliable and small, easy to move and operate, and ideal for co-extruding plastic pipes and profiles in colleges and laboratories.

Small Batch Production

Lab scale extruders are ideal for providing small batch or pilot run delivery and response times. They can be customized for any application.

Product Development

It is always vital for a manufacturer to develop new products and test new extrusion processes. Laboratory extruders can be useful to reduce lead time to market.

Research&Testing Of Materials

New materials and different formulations have to be tested to see how they behave when pressed. Sample quantities can be produced easily for testing and assessment.

Quality Control

Constant research and development assure ongoing improvement and optimization of the final product. This is most easily achieved on a lab scale.


Versatile, small batch benchtop extruder with quick changeover ability to optimize training time Laboratory twin extruders provide the ideal equipment for hands-on experience.

What To Consider Before Purchasing A Lab Extruder?

  1. The batch size you need to work with. This is the most basic and usually the first thing you should decide before you plan to buy a lab twin-screw extruder.
  1. Do you need your lab extruder able to handle different densities of extrudate or pellets? The effect of density on the formulation can have an impact on the characteristics of the final product.  If your formulation is new, then it is recommended that you confirm the effect of product density before purchasing a laboratory extruder.
  1. If your development will lead to production, then consider the type of extruder you want to use for production now. This could have major long-term, tangible financial consequences for your business.

Where To Buy The Best Laboratory Extruder?

Granuwel, a professional manufacturer of laboratory twin-screw extruders, offers CE-compliant laboratory extruders that are perfect for use in test laboratories, universities and R&D departments.

The Granuwel laboratory extruder range is available in 15 models, from GTE20B to GTE40D, with screw diameters from 22 to 41.1 mm, speeds up to 750 rpm and outputs from 3-10 kg/hour to 100-180 kg/hour.

If you have any questions about laboratory extruders, you can talk to our experts who are available 24/7 online to provide you with professional answers.

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