75ML Internal Mixer + GTE-65B Twin-screw Underwater Granulator



Internal mixer75L 110KW
Twin screw 62.4mm
Aspect ratio48:1


It is used for black masterbatch with high yield, high concentration of carbon black and high quality. It is often used in the production and processing of black masterbatch of blowing film grade.

Product characteristics

High output, high energy consumption of equipment, high cost, good dispersion performance of equipment.

Operation convenience

Optional control system, PLC touch screen control or ordinary button operation, high control precision

What are the advantages over other models?

The equipment has excellent dispersion performance with high investment. Carbon black and plastic carriers are mixed in an internal mixer with low shear and high dispersion, which can increase the content of carbon black as high as possible, and can be used in some high-end product applications.

What materials can be produced?

Preparation of high concentration color masterbatch with all kinds of plastics as carrier and PE PP filling amount.

Under what circumstances do you are suitable for this model?

The preparation of black mother with high yield, high energy consumption, high dispersion, high concentration and high grade.

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