6 knowledge about the production of color masterbatch

6 knowledge about the production of color masterbatch

What causes the surface of the color masterbatch to be unsmooth? 

When the surface of the color masterbatch is found to be Rough in the production process, firstly check whether the extrusion temperature is appropriate. If the extrusion temperature is too high or too low, the surface will be rough; if the extrusion temperature is appropriate, whether the dispersion of the pigment is good or not should be considered. If the molecule of the pigment is too hard, it will be poorly dispersed in the plastic, resulting in a non-smooth surface. Dispersants (such as polyethene wax) with low molecular weight or excessive addition may precipitate to the surface in the processing of color masterbatch, resulting in mold paste and unsmooth surface of extruded strips or particles.

The reason for the poor mechanical properties of masterbatch? 

In the process of using the masterbatch, the mechanical properties of the particles are poor, which seriously affects the performance of the products. The reason for the poor mechanical properties of the masterbatch may be the poor plasticization of the masterbatch in the processing process, resulting in the occurrence of materials.

; the poor dispersion of the masterbatch in the processing process, resulting in poor particle density, resulting in loose and unstable internal structure, thus affecting the mechanical properties. The selection of equipment with good plasticizing performance and suitable lubrication and dispersing agent are good ways to improve.

How to improve the dispersion of high concentration masterbatch? 

There are many ways to improve the dispersion of high concentration masterbatch, such as choosing the equipment with better plasticizing performance, improving the masterbatch forming process, choosing the better dispersion agent, appropriately increasing the content of dispersion agent and carrier, etc. Among them, the most economical and practical method is to choose better and more suitable dispersion additives.

To enhance the dispersion of the pigment in the color master, you can first wet the pigment with wetting agent, coating on the surface of the pigment, so that the cohesion between the pigments is reduced, reduce the energy required to break the pigment aggregate, so that the dispersion of the color master pigment can be better enhanced. The purpose of refinement can also be achieved by crushing and refining the pigment, through the free movement between the pigment particles and the pigment aggregates through the shear stress of the surrounding medium.

In addition, after the pigment is dispersed and refined, the particle size decreases, the surface area increases, and the free energy of the pigment surface also increases, resulting in the instability of the refined pigment. Therefore, further coating treatment is required on the pigment surface to reduce the newly formed interface surface to prevent condensation.

Why is the net changed frequently in the production and processing of filling masterbatch? 

Frequent net change in the process of filling masterbatch greatly affects the processing efficiency, and there are three reasons for this phenomenon. 

1. It may be because the number of selected calcium powder is not up to standard. 

2. The dispersion effect of the lubricating dispersant is not good, resulting in the failure of the agglomerated calcium powder to open, resulting in the filling material blocking the network. 

3. It is also possible that because the raw materials are damp, caking occurs in the process of production and processing, resulting in network blocking.

4. The wear of calcium carbonate on screw is larger, especially the coarser the calcium powder. The greater the damage to the screw, when the equipment runs a certain output of filling masterbatch, the screw will certainly wear, then the gap between the screw and the barrel will become larger, resulting in poor material dispersion caused by the blocking network.

What role of polyethylene wax play in the processing of masterbatch system? 

Polyethylene wax is added to the masterbatch system. Because polyethylene wax has relatively low viscosity and good compatibility with pigments, it is easy to wet pigments and penetrate into the pores of pigment aggregates, weakening cohesion, so that pigment aggregates can be easily opened under the action of external shear force, and new particles can be wetted and protected quickly, thus improving the dispersion of pigments. In addition, the viscosity of polyethylene wax is relatively low, which can reduce the viscosity of masterbatch system, increase fluidity, improve processing efficiency and increase output.

What is the addition effect of EBS in the filling masterbatch? 

When adding EBS to the filling masterbatch, because EBS has good lubrication and dispersion effect, it has a good coating on inorganic fillers, improves the dispersion quality of fillers, helps to increase the content of fillers, reduces the amount of carrier resin and auxiliaries, and reduce the production cost; at the same time, its good lubrication effect can improve the production efficiency of products, reduce equipment wear and prolong the service life of the equipment.

Choosing a suitable masterbatch-making machine is the most important to produce a high-quality masterbatch. GRANUWEL provides advanced twin screw extruder pelletizing lines for all kinds of filler masterbatch which are concentrates of CaCO3 or Talc or BaSO4 or CaO  in a polymer base such as PE, PP PS.

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